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“Kai” Special Preview #3: The Pocket Guide to Empyrnea


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Welcome to a Special Preview episode of the Incarnate Process!

This preview features a glimpse of the Ascended Kings Lore Book entitled “The Pocket Guide to Empyrnea” written by Nick Macari and illustrated by Elizabeth Leggett.

In this post, we see Kai, one of the exciting young heroes that appear in the lore and story of Ascended Kings, the upcoming tabletop game and graphic novel by Incarnate Games.

Here is an excerpt of the Pocket Guide which accompanies this beautiful illustration:


Age: 13

Height: 5’3”

Weight: 100 pounds

Description: Scrawny and unkempt, like a child living in  the Eloden wilds. Dirty brown hair. Typically wears well worn, soiled clothes, accented with fur wrappings.

Kai lives in a small village in the wilds of Eloden. His mother was killed by the affliction and his father is a half-blind drunkard.

Kai spends most of his time stealing what he needs to survive and retreating to secret spots, far from prying eyes, deep within the wood. He is known to disappear for days on end.

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We hope you enjoyed this special preview, stay tuned for next week as we share another character from The Pocket Guide to Empyrnea!

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