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“Iliza” Special Preview #1 : The Pocket Guide to Empyrnea


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Welcome to a Special Preview episode of the Incarnate Process!

This preview features a glimpse of the Ascended Kings Lore Book entitled “The Pocket Guide to Empyrnea” written by Nick Macari and illustrated by Elizabeth Leggett.

In this post, we see Princess Iliza Kynazarr, one of the young heroes that appear in the lore and story of Ascended Kings, the upcoming tabletop game and graphic novel by Incarnate Games.

Here is an excerpt of the Pocket Guide which accompanies this beautiful illustration:

Iliza Kynazarr (The Silver Rose of Kynazarr)

Age: 18

Height: 5’5

Weight: 110 pounds

Description: Like her identical twin sister Kalshiera, Iliza is a stunningly beautiful young girl. Jet black flowing hair, bright burning Pyre-bound eyes, distinct brows, sharp full lips and smooth, flawless skin… unfortunately all that changed the day of the young woman’s accident.

After playing in the underground Kynazari foundry with her sister, Iliza suffered horrible burns across the left side of her body, concentrated on her face and upper torso. The accident left the young girl permanently disfigured.

Since the accident, the Silver Rose of Kynazarr never steps out in public without the left side of her face—from the left corner of her mouth, up across the middle of her face to her upper right forehead—concealed behind a mask.

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We hope you enjoyed this special preview, stay tuned for next week as we share another character from The Pocket Guide to Empyrnea!

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