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SPECIAL EPISODE 3: Kalshiera Tonals 1

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Welcome to The Incarnate Process Special Episode 3 – Kalshiera Tonals 1

Project: Ascended Kings

Character Silhouettes: Kalshiera Kynazarr

Discussion below:

Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont
Rose tonals

Jason Allen
Jason Allen

Alright man this is really good.

I spent about an hour looking at these and made some stuff. So #1 here is the best imo. It looks the most Kynazari (the banded abdomen is like Dlones) and the way the fabrics are around her mid section just has the perfect attitude when I see her shifting her weight around while arguing with Kariis Vara.

I thought about mix and matching but honestly there’s just one armor adjustment that I’d like. Can we add the raised pauldron part from #3 on to #1 Princess here? This will make her look similar to her fathers armor a bit (I like that you did that btw good idea) see the attached “choices” image for reference.

OH and lets add a scabbard to her left hip (maybe one like her fathers)

For Kalshiera, the ROSE PATTERN will be on her cape, so we can add that on the reverse tonal as a call out.

This chick is bad ass.

So for the forehead tiara I drew some rough basic ideas then made a rough mock up of it. Could you draw this out as a sillo/concept so we can have a bit more solidified reference for her tiara? Yours would just look better so I think that would be cool if you could do that.

My mockups are the best I could do to show this crown idea. You can see there is an intricate-patterned “band” that basically serves as the head band part and the solid-gold is the crown-like part. The solid gold doesn’t have to necessarily be completely solid like in the example, but I’d like the Pyre stone to be in there similar to the image.

Let me know! Thanks Dylan!


JMA Tiara concept

Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont

Cool. So I’ll add the pauldron(s) (do you just want the one on her left side for defense, or do you want to keep the design symmetrical and add both pauldrons?)

Scabbard is no problem. Same with the rose pattern on the cape.

For this crown idea: that pattern bit that you have covering the top of the skull, is that the solid gold that you’re referring to? Or is it supposed to have negative space where we can still see hair showing through? (see attached) I just want to be sure so I can get these tiara silhouettes nailed down.


Jason Allen
Jason Allen

You could do one or both sides for the pauldrons, whatever you think looks better.

There could be negative space for any part of my mock up. It doesn’t even necessarily have to conform to the shape that I depicted, it generally shows the overall scope of the tiara. It could be made out of gold strips or wire mesh or however works best. The main idea is that there are the V “fangs”, with the pyre stone, and the “fangs” are distributed across her forehead.



Stay tuned for SPECIAL EPISODE #4  which will be posted soon!

Thank you for stopping by!

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