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“King Kynazarr” Special Preview #9: The Pocket Guide to Empyrnea


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Welcome to a Special Preview Episode of the Incarnate Process!

Another preview features a glimpse of the Ascended Kings Lore Book entitled “The Pocket Guide to Empyrnea” written by Nick Macari and illustrated by Elizabeth Leggett.

Today’s post we feature Dlone Kynazarr, one of the Ascended Kings of Empyrnea, who appears in the lore and story of Ascended Kings, the upcoming tabletop game and graphic novel by Incarnate Games.

Here is an excerpt of the Pocket Guide which accompanies this beautiful illustration:

King Dlone Kynazarr, “The Rose King”

Kynazarr is ruled by, Dlone Kynazarr. A fair and just Imperator who embraces his responsibility of governing the greatest kingdom of Empyrnea during its most troubled times.

Beyond the politics of the day, Dlone believes that salvation for the people of Empyrnea will be achieved by very deliberate effort, shaping and transforming the world to the very best of what they imagine. Intuitive planning and innovation are at the forefront of the Imperator’s ideals. And such ideals have nurtured a kingdom full of innovations, invention, engineering and industry unlike anywhere else in Empyrnea.

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We hope you enjoyed this special preview, stay tuned for next week as we share another character from The Pocket Guide to Empyrnea!

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