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“Kalshiera” Special Preview #5: The Pocket Guide to Empyrnea


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Welcome to a Special Preview Episode of the Incarnate Process!

Another preview features a glimpse of the Ascended Kings Lore Book entitled “The Pocket Guide to Empyrnea” written by Nick Macari and illustrated by Elizabeth Leggett.

Today’s post we feature Kalshiera Kynazarr, also known as the Golden Rose of Kynazarr, who appears in the lore and story of Ascended Kings, the upcoming tabletop game and graphic novel by Incarnate Games.

Here is an excerpt of the Pocket Guide which accompanies this beautiful illustration:

Kalshiera Kynazarr (The Golden Rose of Kynazarr)

Age: 18

Height: 5’5

Weight: 110 pounds

Description: A true natural beauty, Kalshiera is small framed and somewhat frail looking. She has soft, smooth features that speak to her youth and pampered lifestyle. Qualities that stand in direct contrast to her fiery temper, outspoken nature and vast proficiencies.

A true leader, even at her young age, Kalshiera has completed extensive military training and commands troops on special missions for the Imperator on a regular basis. She is adept at sword fighting, hand-to-hand combat, tracking, sailing, speaks four languages fluently and has a fairly detailed knowledge of various Kynazari technologies.

In public view, Kalshiera is a staunch supporter of Kynazarr. She promotes and fights on behalf of the kingdom wherever it’s required of her.

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We hope you enjoyed this special preview, stay tuned for next week as we share another character from The Pocket Guide to Empyrnea!

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