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Episode 8 – Kynazarr Tonals



Welcome to the Incarnate Process episode 8 – Kynazarr Tonals.

This episode takes a look at the tonals of Dlone Kynazarr: The Rose King. A “tonal” establishes the lightness or darkness of a character or scene and is the next step in the our concept stage after silhouettes. Click here to see the silhouettes for Kynazarr.

The rose on his breastplate carries an alchemical significance both to the character and the role that he plays. If you have not noticed by now, we draw inspiration heavily from alchemy, upon which many of our creations are based. More of this will be covered once we get into more detailed discussions pertaining to the FOCI: a term that is in reference to the various forms of Ylem. 


We have already covered the character descriptions of Kynazarr in the silhouettes, so we will just be looking at the conversation for the Kynazarr tonals posted below:

Jason Allen
Jason Allen

Ok. So I’ve thought all of this through, and the only way I think that I can convey this information effectively is by posting several times.

This first posts are going to cover the final confirmation for the crown and staff design.

The crown was a tough choice, but I’ve been focusing on the #3 concept from the Apsu Crowns image for awhile now. I even made a comp with the central Apsu wearing that crown you can see in the attached image. Today though some really great realizations took place, and I’m making the final choice to be the said #3 from the Apsu Crowns concept image. Forgive me for putting you through this, but I really want to share my line of reasoning for this one.

The reason is related to the philosophers stone symbolism. We have all seen the typical depiction of the philosopher’s stone symbol:

Dylan Pierpont

Dylan Pierpont

Perfect! That’s probably going to be the key here, mixing and matching elements. And they’re not all SO drastic from one another that a design element from one would look out of place with another. So we should be safe.

Just my 2 cents: I prefer the tunics on the left or right, the pauldrons on the left, the chest piece on the right, the leg armor in the center, the gauntlit on the left, and the sword/belt/waist guard in the center.

Also, to further the rose motif, I added little spikes on the brest plates to the left and right figures to symbolize the thorns of a roses stem. We could carry that idea through to the embroidery too on the some of the fabrics.



Stay tuned for EPISODE # 009: Apsu Props Concepts which will be posted soon!

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