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Episode 73 – Gemstones 1



Welcome to The Incarnate Process Episode 73 – Gemstones 1

Project: Ascended Kings

Graphic Design: Focus Gemstones

The Gemstones each contain power in different forms of Ylem.

Each color represents a different focus of Ylem, these are known collectively as the Foci.

In the game, the gemstones are used for different things. The chief purpose of the Foci are as follows: Aria – Movement; Egis – Defense; Pyre – Attack; Dire – Wounds; Ylem – Magic

Discussion below:

Anthony Benedetto
Anthony Benedetto
Focus Gemstone Ideas.I think the Iso option is cool, but I also think the top views are cool, and they have a little more versatility for application. Such as, they could potentially be used in the corner pieces on the box design.

The finished versions will have color variation to highlight their form but this just gives us an idea for possible shapes.

Let me know your thoughts.



Jason Allen
Jason Allen
These look nice. I like the iso view, I would say that angle would work best on the cards. As we explore the box design elements, I think that a top view would be best for that if we use gems in the box design. For the color variation, do you mean they will have the fractured color scheme the way that the Ylem crystal has?
Posted 2015

Anthony Benedetto
Anthony Benedetto
Cool, iso it is. Yes, somewhat fractured, maybe not as much as the Ylem crystal. Let me know and I’ll proceed to finish on this.
Posted 2015

Jason Allen
Jason Allen
Yeah the iso. I see you added an extra angle on the pointed bottom. I’d like to see that point come down without changing angles.

Posted 2015

Anthony Benedetto
Anthony Benedetto

Here they are. Let me know and I’ll move on to finish.



Stay tuned for EPISODE # 074 – Gemstone Finals which will be posted soon!

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