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Episode 65 – Apsu Color 2


Welcome to The Incarnate Process Episode 65 – Apsu Color 2

Project: Ascended Kings

Character Details: High King Apsu

Discussion below:

Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont

Alrighty! So I just have a few areas for small clean up but this is our High King Apsu, in the flesh 🙂

I’ll take care of the final touches tomorrow along with his Orthos and invoice.

Also, I pushed the Scion sillos and tonals back 1 day, but rest assured we’ll be all caught up with the schedule for the sentinel lines due on the 14th. My apologies for the delay. I had a client take waaayy too long in getting me feedback and then insist they still needed the piece by the deadline this weekend. Should have followed up with them sooner. My apologies.

Talk soon!


Jason Allen
Jason Allen

Hey Dylan. This is really great. I love the design you made on the fabric incorporating the classical philosopher’s stone symbol with the star behind it. It is both subtle and powerful, good stuff.

I can’t praise the special effects enough, it looks fantastic and brings to Apsu something special none of the other kings express, great job. The staff and the philosopher’s stone itself look fantastic, I’m glad we went with the saffron color.

The final designs in the fabric and the crown are all well placed and I think it looks great. The white wrap fabric on his right arm is really nice. Great leather straps work as well.

I also like the ornamental piece you placed on the end of the scepter instrument. The scrolls are really cool too!

As far as adjustments go, there are only two things I’d like to mention.

First, I see that you changed the way that the fringe of the cloth on his chest looks. I don’t think that I had mentioned it in prior posts because I really liked the direction you were going with it in previous iterations. I was under the impression that, previously, the gold fringe looked like it was taking on an almost “metallic gold feathery sequins” kind of look. I didn’t comment on it because I liked how it was looking. The way that you have the fringe now, while it does look nice, appears to look like the twisted fringe you would see around the edge of a flag. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this and let us know if this is something that we can modify (to look more like the metallic feathery/dangly gold you made in the previous version).

The second thing is harder to describe. I made an image comparing the WIP Apsu with the final Apsu images. For me, the Apsu on the left is highly characteristic of what I picture of this man in my mind (the WIP Apsu). The expression he has really sells a look of “anticipation” or “stifled excitement” it’s hard to explain but its there, and I really love that look; it makes me wonder what he is looking at in the distance. In comparison with the Apsu on the right, there are some subtle changes that are hard to explain. I REALLY like that you added the age to him by deepening his laugh line and adding the wrinkle in his forehead. I’m not opposed to the eyeliner either, I think that’s good too. However, when I look at this version the expression is very different. For me, the Apsu on the right looks more uncertain, perhaps even a bit sad. I don’t know why this is, perhaps part of it is that his lips are fuller now.

We talked about the comparison of the two Apsu images at the office and everyone liked the WIP Apsu when compared to the new expression. I hate to throw a wrench in here like this, especially when it is something that is hard to put my finger on. Essentially the Apsu on the left seems more determined; the Apsu on the right has a softer appearance. I don’t know how to explain it exactly. Is it possible we could try looking at making his lips more like they were before while also bringing out more of his original look?

Once we get there, let’s also add the crows feet to the corner of his eyes that I mentioned as well.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Great job on this one Dylan, it’s an awesome piece!


Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont

I see what you mean on both points.

I’ll be sure to make the necessary adjustments to the face and update on Monday along with the sentinel sillos.

As for the tassels, we can bring back in the reflective metallic look no problem. I toned back the specularity a bit so it didn’t feel too distracting on the chest, but I might have been a little heavy handed with that idea. Should be an easy enough fix.



Stay tuned for EPISODE # 066 – Apsu Final 1 which will be posted soon!

Thank you for stopping by!

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