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Episode 62 – Apsu Rough 2


Welcome to The Incarnate Process Episode 62 – Apsu Rough 2

Project: Ascended Kings

Character Value: High King Apsu

Discussion below:

Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont

Moving right along. Nothing major to comment on, but of course, if anything is out of place just let me know!



Jason Allen
Jason Allen

The lighting and values here look good. The minor changes we talked about too also turned out very well. The magatama bead is perfect, and the new bushy hairstyle is what I was looking for. I also see the ornamentation you added to the cane which gives it some more character. I’m looking forward to see how this all turns out!

The adjustment to the staff is much better. It makes his raised arm appear much more natural, and I like how it looks overall. The only thing I’ve noticed as that in turning the staff we have lost some consistency in the angles between the top part and the staff part. Please see the attached image.

Great work Dylan, can’t wait to see the next stage!


Jason Allen
Jason Allen


There has been some debate about the level of power that Apsu evokes visually. I intend to fully quell this qualm permanently. Once we address these final changes there will be no doubt to anyone who looks upon Apsu that he is arguably the most powerful king; who also evokes a level of cool the other kings would envy.

First are some minor things. For these few following things, I am sure they would have just worked themselves out naturally with your process, but I will just mention them here for the sake of completion:

  • There is some concern that his shoulders should be broadened slightly. You may broaden them if you wish, however this is not necessarily a priority. I think by bulking up his shoulders just a bit we will accomplish the same goal in a slightly stronger stature for the beloved Apsu.
  • I have explained this next one to everyone, having been involved with your process throughout the other kings, but I will mention it just for the sake of being thorough. When you get to the details of his arms (bare arm especially) lets ensure that there is unmistakable muscle definition. Apsu is very lean, as you have depicted, but lets make him appear also very fit. Perhaps an example of this could be seen in the physique of a runner: His arms are defined, but not large.
  • I like the change you made to the hair (as I said before), but this was one other thing that was also discussed. Let’s just make it so that it stays the way it is, but so that we can see his ear. If this requires us to give him the same kind of sideburns in order to accomplish, I’m fine with that, but I will leave sideburns up to you. For the most part lets just make his ear visible, it can even be partially covered up along the top of the ear with curls if you’d like (giving an opportunity to show curls)
  • Lets straighten out his wrist that is holding the staff, give it a bit more authority in the grasp of it.
  • It was mentioned that he doesn’t look “40ish”. I disagree with this, there are several actors that you can look at who are 40 and still look pretty young. However, if anything we can add some crows feet to his eyes.

So here’s the main change:

  • First, I have decided to change the Ylem staff into solid gold. This draws an unmistakable link to power, authority and wealth.
  • Second, this means we have to change the way things are tied together on the staff. So let’s say, rather than having the “sticks tied together” to create that symbol in the middle of the circle, let’s change that to suspended beams of light, just pure energy that is creating those angles. THAT BEING SAID, this second thing can be removed completely if it gets in the way of the third thing, which is this:
  • Third, (please refer to my extremely primitive examples) let’s give the staff a spiral of GALAXY ENERGY emitting from the core of the philosophers stone that stretches out behind and then around him. With this in place, Apsu is brought to God level and there is no question as to the reach of his power.

The reasoning for having to address these few things was that there has to be a “big bang” (pun intended?) with Apsu in terms of the marketability of his character.

Please see the 3 examples that I put together to visually show the orientation I am talking about with the energy around the philosophers stone. So when we do this don’t be afraid to make it LITERALLY a galaxy of stars spiraling around with whitish blue like energy.

Please let me know your thoughts on this, I’m even more excited about how this is gonna turn out. I apologize if I am surprising you with these last minute changes, I just want to make sure he’s AWESOME!


Dylan Pierpont
Dylan PierpontYou got it. Will be sure to implement all of these for the WIP shot tomorrow evening!

As for the philosopher’s stone color I think it’ll be easy enough to shift as we move through this. So I’ll start it out as an orange tone tonight since that’s the compliment to blue and fits well with the neighboring golds and creams of his garb. If we have to change it later, no big deal. Posting WIP later this evening



Stay tuned for EPISODE # 063 – Apsu Color 1 which will be posted soon!

Thank you for stopping by!

Artwork © 2015, Dylan Pierpont.

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