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Episode 60 – Apsu Rough 1


Welcome to The Incarnate Process Episode 60 – Apsu Rough 1

Project: Ascended Kings

Character Linework: High King Apsu

Discussion below:

Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont

Base lines. Let me know if anything is looking out of place.



Jason Allen
Jason Allen
Omg dude you nailed it! This is such a great baseline for Apsu, this pose is exactly what I was talking about. The crown is freaking awesome! The way you incorporated the symbol in the Ylem staff is perfect! I really like the facial expression you chose and that he is looking at something off in the distance. This is going to turn out great! There are a few minor tweaks here and there that I’ll post tomorrow, but for now I’m just really enjoying this first look at the high king!  I’m really excited for this character! You rock bro thanks a million!

Jason Allen
Jason Allen


Ok. So I’ve spent some time looking at this and there’s very little that I would like to modify. Just a handful of things.

See the attached image for my reference to the staff. I think I understand how there may have been some confusion regarding the height of the position of the staff and the overall length of the staff, so I’ll clarify. If you see the rough edit to the image I attached here, you’ll see the general idea behind what I meant by how it will be roughly as tall as he is. Lets extend the staff so that the bottom is resting on the ground, I think this makes it look a bit more natural that he is holding the staff down rather than raising it up. I made the circular portion a bit larger to give us a better look at the design. I also adjusted the angle of his forearm just a bit so that the bottom of the staff wouldn’t go behind him.

Everything else is really minor. For his hair, I’d like for it to essentially just look like the naturally curly hair like in the example images. Right now his hair looks a little longer than I would like.

The only other thing is the Magatama bead. <spoiler removed>So I think it would probably be about half of the size it is now or so. It’s ok if the size of the bead causes this feature to be very subtle.

The final thing is with the pimp cane. In the Babylonian king images I noticed some of these canes had some very unusual ornaments on the far end, but they are always symmetrical. I’d like for Apsu’s cane to have an unusual looking ornament on the end of his as well. Not sure just what that might be, so long as it looks cool I’m good with whatever you might come up with.

So that’s it as far as I can tell: the size of the staff, the hair style, the magatama bead, and the pimp cane ornament.

Everything else looks great! I really like the clothing, and those scrolls he has. The sandals are perfect, and the bracelets and armband are looking really good. I like the sleeveless left arm with that bit of fabric hanging down behind. I can’t give you enough props for the crown, it looks really cool.


Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont
Easy enough. I’ll be sure to include these changes on the next update this Sunday. Thanks for the clarification Jason! P.S. I’m also going to rotate the Ylem staff 3/4 so the circle bit isn’t positioned so squarely-on with the viewer. I just noticed it’s feeling that way and it’s bothering me, haha.

Jason Allen
Jason Allen

Sounds good.

I see what you mean about the staff. That’s a good call; should help to give it a more natural orientation.

Posted 2015


Stay tuned for EPISODE # 061 – Apsu Rough 1 which will be posted soon!

Thank you for stopping by!

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