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Episode 55 – Eloden Color 3

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Welcome to The Incarnate Process Episode 55 – Eloden Color 3

Project: Ascended Kings

Character pre-Final: Harromere Eloden

Discussion below:

Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont

Alrighty. Here’s the final Eloden.

A few things to notice: the blood on the axe is on it’s own separate layer. So if you find this to be out of character for Eloden, it’s easy to remove. I just thought it gave us a nice opportunity to add in a complimentary color to all that green

Around his eyes I added some dark makeup with streaks running down his cheeks to give him a wild and aggressive look. Found the idea after looking at the character Floki on the History channel’s “Vikings” show (which i’m sure was in an of itself a design rip from Alice cooper and/or The Crow) At any rate, that detail wasn’t part of your description so let me know if it needs to be removed.

Other than that he’s good to go. I have an invoice ready to email you way, but I hadn’t heard any feedback from the previous WIP. So I want to hold off sending that until I get your final approval.

Thanks so much!


Jason Allen
Jason Allen
Hey Dylan. So there’s a couple final tweaks that I’d like to request. Is there a way we could bring the mouth piece of the horn around to the front? Perhaps by lowering it a bit, rotating it and have it hanging a bit by the leather straps?I see the draping of the cloth you were talking about with the leg, it looks better, but the top part of the boot is much larger than his leg and it still looks like, I don’t know, like there’s something unnatural about it. Could we make his thigh much thicker thereby filling up almost the entire circumference of the boot? I think this would probably fix that. Let me know what you think.I really love what you’ve done with the axe. It’s really bad ass. I like the design pattern you placed on it as well. I like the blood on it too, and its nice you added that to a separate layer so we can decide if we will use it. But there is still a slight glitch with the physicality of it. Where the handle connects with the bottom portion of the blade, it appears as though that metal part completely ignores the existence of the gem there. There may be a couple ways to fix this. If you were to instead have the metal actually go through the gem itself, where we could only see the metal shaft slightly through the translucency of the gem that could possibly work. OR maybe by having a metal ring that goes around the gem, holding it in place, that both the bottom shaft and top shaft connect to, that may possibly work as well (like how I had in the original example for the axe) Which one of these sounds like it would work best to you? Or do you have another possible idea? Let me know your thoughts.The axe doesn’t appear to have any thickness. I’m not sure if this is that big of an issue. I’ll let you decide if this may be something that should be touched up, if not it still looks good as is.

The final thing is just with his lateral incisors (the two teeth on either side of his front teeth). They come down very sharply. If we could either shorten them up or round them down a bit I think it would look better. I understand that this adds to the wild intimidating look, but I think they are too sharp. Speaking of teeth though, I really like how you handled the fangs on the bear.

As far as the makeup on his face, let’s keep it. It brings a lot to the table and gives this guy a great deal of character. Great choice.

Overall man I’m really blown away by this character. It really has come together much better than I had imagined. When you see him for the first time it really hits you, the gems in the bear eyes right above his eyes does something special that I don’t think I’ve really seen before quite this way. And the antler pauldrons couldn’t be better, they are so cool! Amazing job!


Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont
Hey Jason!I don’t think these changes will be an issue. I definitely see what you are saying about the horn. I was concerned that might be an issue. But the more you paint something the more obvious that object becomes to YOU, and not necessarily to someone who’s seeing the image for the first time. So good call there.I think what I’m going to do for the leg area is a combination of increasing his leg size and decreasing the cuff size. The leg is already rather large, but is being masked by the fabrics. So I think a mix of the two changes will yield the best result.For the axe, I think I see what you’re saying. I’ve attached a drawing overlay so you can see the current underlying structure of that area. Unfortunately I think the blood and noise in that spot make the forms somewhat unreadable. What I can do is beef up a cap/joint area where the handle connects to the gem and blades and that might explain the connection better. I could also increase the size the groove surrounding the gem so it’s close to your original sketch. I reduced that on purpose because it felt like a weak spot to me, plus the gem would need to be smaller to accommodate the added thickness of the gap before hitting the top and bottom of the blade, and I was under the impression you wanted that gem coming right up near those two contact points. My mistake. As for the thickness it’s there, but obviously not noticeable enough. So I’ll bit it up a tad.

The rest is easy peasy. Will have the final ready to show this evening.


Posted 2015


Stay tuned for EPISODE # 056 – Eloden Final 1 which will be posted soon!

Thank you for stopping by!

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