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Episode 50 – Kynazarr Orthographic 2


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Welcome to Incarnate Process Ep 50 – Kynazarr Orthographic 2

Project: Ascended Kings

Character Orthographics: Dlone Kynazarr

Discussion below:

Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont
Let me know when you have decided on the cape and shield.I’ll keep you posted on the character modeler. No guarantees that he’s available at the moment, but I’ll keep you posted!Here’s the final (until we get the cape and shield figured out) ortho for Dlone.Thanks much! My holiday was great. Hope yours was as well!


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Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont
Nice! Happy to hear that. And yes, those are the elbow joints. Taking a second Look i need to reduce their size a bit so they scale relative to the character. And I probably should have labeled them to make them more clear, haha. I’ll be sure to do that for the final the gets sent off to the character artist. (No word yet from my contact on that front. I’ll send a follow up email today)Yep! Orthos are pretty straight forward (no pun intended). Not a whole lot of glitz and glamour. But when you pair it with the character illustration you can really start to see the possibilities 🙂 Have you ever heard of sideshow collectibles? I have a buddy who’s a concept artist working for them and it’s pretty incredible to see the detail they can fit onto a figurine of that size: me know what you guys decide on the shield and cape decals. Once we get those taken care of I can send off the invoice for this bad boy and the eloden tonals.Cheers!


Jason Allen
Jason Allen

Sorry for the lateness of this. The cape can be solid red with that gold stripe that you have in the illustration, so the cape is easy.

For the shield I think the best thing I’ve come up with both symbolically and visually would be the idea of a “twin flames” design. I’m thinking a simple fire motif that has flames symmetrically rising up on both sides of the shield would look good. The very original idea was to have some kind of furnace on the shield but I don’t think it would look right. So yeah, a design of twin flames would be best. This idea is deeply rooted in the Divine Twins concept in hermetic alchemy and fits very well in the Kynazari mythos.


Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont

Cool cool. I’ll include these changes along with final Vara orthos and Eloden illustration on Friday. The invoice should include all these assets along with the Eloden tonals. That should bring us all up to date.

And then I assume you’d like to move forward with Apsu at that point? Let me know when you’d like to get started on him. I’ll be gone Jan 30th -Feb 2nd for the Creative Juice Expo out in Orange County. So if you need some time to get contracts and everything in order, let me know and we can start on Feb 3rd. If you need to go sooner too, just say the word.



Stay tuned for EPISODE # 051 – Eloden Rough 2 which will be posted soon!

Thank you for stopping by!

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