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Episode 5 – Revenant Concepts


Introducing the Revenants! These are mysterious and powerful beings that appear in the tabletop game for reasons that will become clearer as we advance in the episodes. This is the first set of concepts created by Dylan Pierpont which served as a great starting point into understanding more about these entities.

Revenants character description:

Revenant Physical Characteristics (I’ll do my best here, sorry but it may be generalized)


Revenants would be a personification of “JUSTICE”

When you see them you know they represent something greater than mankind

Very celestial beings/armor/imagery

If there ever were an masculine angel without wings in full body armor, this may be our Revenant

They are pure entities, were they to exist naturally they would move according to the will of Ylem and the Foci, but they aren’t natural, and are [spoiler removed]

It’s like having forced something beautiful to exist that isn’t supposed to exist, and for this reason there may be something ominous about them despite their initial appearance of justice or righteousness.

These beings are generally very shiny, maybe their armor is made of mirror polished steel

We cannot see their faces, or at least cannot see their eyes

Revenant wield a very large two handed greatsword.

Heavenly Guardian

Below was the first response to the Revenant silhouettes:

Jason Allen
Jason Allen

These are bad ass Dylan. I really like seeing your interpretations of the character descriptions. I think once we have Apsu and Engur concepts we will continue to explore a few more of these like you said.

The Ylem symbol is reserved for Apsu. But seeing the symbol on the right gives me a good idea. I have nailed down the Revenants. Discovering their appearance will be a process, I will most likely have Dylan create 3-6 more concepts.



Stay tuned for EPISODE # 006: Engur Concepts which will be posted soon!

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