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Episode 43 – Zhoth Color 1

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Welcome to The Incarnate Process Episode 43 – Zhoth Color 1

Project: Ascended Kings

Character Tonals: Khadrius Zhoth

Discussion below:

Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont

Color rough for today’s deadline.

The background, just as before, is a placeholder for now. So don’t mind the modern look. I just wanted to show an update with an interior setting.

I also wanted to hear what your thoughts are on the brown leathers. I know Zhoth’s color affinity is black, but adding the brown helps with the separation of the trim and other costume elements. If you’re still set on going with the black, then we could try a material separation instead. So we could have portions that are more dull and matte with other’s being more shiny and specular.

As always, let em know what you guys think!


— <some comments were removed, so apologies if the following seems out of context>

I like the worn idea. We can probably save the browning for the edges and hems of the leathers, and any additional spots that would have repetitive friction.

The left wrist (our right) was just a shape to carry through from the lower legs. I planned on including it on his staff wrist as well in order to give it a bit more bulk and overlap with the strings that are present in the previous value sketch.

I think I have a few substitutes for the background we can implement for the final that will show off more of a cave environment. I’ll be sure to include that on the next update.

Hope everyone is well. Enjoy the holidays tomorrow!

Posted 2014

Jason Allen
Jason Allen

This is awesome! Sorry for not having responded in awhile, my computer decided to stop turning on due to a motherboard issue. Being without a computer the last several days has been less than amusing. At any rate, I am really liking the work that you are doing here.

As far as the idea for doing the worn leather exposing the brown areas, I’m completely on board with this. I have a really old black leather jacket that I’ve had for over a decade; I’ve included a snapshot of an area on my jacket that does this very thing:

I really like the scar-like scratches on the leather too, those would definitely be showing brown.

I also think that having the left hand gloved may serve a good purpose since the varicose vein condition that he has would be afflicting that entire side of his upper body, which would be something that he attempts to hide, so the glove is a good idea. If his fingers were exposed perhaps there could even be some of the varicose veins showing on the parts of his hand that isn’t covered – but I will leave that to you.

I like how you have the veins on his face right now, it looks really cool. The cataract eye is also a great addition. The only request I have is that it covers even more of that side of his face, the left side of his chin and a little more on his left cheek next to his nose.

It’s really looking great man!



Stay tuned for EPISODE # 044: Zhoth Color 2 which will be posted soon!

Thank you for stopping by!

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