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Episode 41 – Zhoth Rough 1

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Welcome to The Incarnate Process Episode 41 – Zhoth Rough 1

Project: Ascended Kings

Character Tonals: Khadrius Zhoth

Discussion below:

Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont

Here we are for lines. Let me know if we hit on everything you mentioned (the vein effect will be more noticeable once we get into the painting.)


Jason Allen
Jason Allen

Hey man this is cool! Really happy with this stage. Looks like you covered everything. I really like the clasp design and the way you did the straps! The necklace is great! The staff is spot on and I like how you did the strands of bones hanging from it. The change to the cape material looks good, and I like the hanging straps and the overall tattered look.

I’m on board with everything you have here and only have a couple of mentions:

I found some images of sandals designs from statues of gladiators that I think would be cool if you put your own spin on them for Khadrius:

I would like to remove the beard. The beard looks good but I would like to have more focus on the varicose veins so let’s make him clean shaven.

The final thing is minor but I wanted to at least mention it. It looks like the necklace is off-center so that it wont block the clasp design. If the clasp was directly below his left breast the necklace may be allowed to hang more naturally. But is this really happening or am I seeing it wrong?

Awesome design Dylan!



Jason Allen
Jason Allen
There is a slight inquisitive appearance in the image; he should have a look of confidence and I think tipping the head forward is a good idea, so as to appear that he is staring us down. Giving him a manacing smirk, like a condescending half-smile, would fit him very well. (He is way ahead of the game – <spoiler removed>.)As far as the skulls on the shoulders, yes we were talking about perhaps doing wolf skull ornamentation or something like that on his shoulders but I think I am happier with where we are with the cloak right now. The more I thought about it, skulls on the shoulders is done a lot in other character designs, and I think it might be too showy for what we are going for on this guy. The way the wolf pelt is shown on the shoulders right now looks really good and I think it fits well with the design; whereas adding skulls on the shoulders may confuse the character because he is not wearing any type of heavy/hard armor anywhere else.And just a reminder, Khadrius’ iris will be black, I know that much is obvious but I just had to mention it since we are coming from Vara. We will see the white part of Khadrius’ eyes, but I think it would be interesting if his right iris and pupil were all just jet black and then his left iris is somehow effected by the scarring; maybe a glazed over look or similar? Let me know what you think.What are you thinking for the lighting? Sunset? Like hazy low light conditions? How about moonlit? Like moonlighting? I like that idea…Let me know your thoughts.

Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont

Hello! Just so I have everything on the checklist:

  • Head tilted forward with dark grin/smile
  • Some scruff perhaps but no beard (make spider veins more prominent)
  • Black iris on right eye, with fogged and cataracted left eye (near scar)
  • slightly broader shoulders
  • clasp relocated further to Zhoth’s left
  • Necklace centered more on chest
  • Layered approach to sandal design.

Anything else I may have missed?

As for the lighting. I’m thinking we could do a nighttime shot. None of the other’s have that so far and I think his could fit really well with his character. But if we use moon light on the character, unless it’s front lit (which kind of flattens out a person’s facial features) it’s going to be difficult to pull out the details because the hood would be casting a dark shadow over his down-turned face.

We could try something like the attached images where only the bottom half of his face is lit by moonlight. We’re just going to have to be careful that his eyes can still be read even in the cast shadow. Birth of the Homunculus illustrates this example pretty well.

The other option we could go with is the Mage/SDC15214.jpg references. These are up-lighting scenarios which usually pump up the creep factor on anyones face. We would just need to give some king of explanation for the light source. Perhaps as nearby campfire?

Let me know what you guys think. Cheers!


Jason Allen
Jason Allen

Hey. Looks like you got everything man.

I’m really glad you brought up the campfire. After I posted the thought about the night lighting I also considered having him be illuminated by fire. I’m convinced this would be the best way to light him. We get the best of both worlds: we will be able to see his facial features while still selling the idea of it being a night shot.

Again, your list looks good, so if your cool with doing the night/fire lighting then we are good to go!

Oh and the explanation for the fire is easy; Zhoth have massive crucibles and furnaces for the purposes of breaking things down into their basest forms. Dire being a derivative of <removed> revolve around calcinators, a King in a furnace, the burning away of the ego, etc. The Zhoth also manufacture lots of glass vessels and clay pots – which require some form of furnace as well.

Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont
Sounds cool! I imagine he’ll probably be best suited in an interior environment then when we get to doing the backgrounds. That would be quite different from the other Kings settings thus far and give us an opportunity to show a crucible/furnace(s) along with the rest of his glassware and knickknacks. We could still even poke a window in there somewhere to let the moonlight pour in from the outside.


Stay tuned for EPISODE # 042: Zhoth Rough 2 which will be posted soon!

Thank you for stopping by!

Artwork © 2014 Dylan Pierpont.

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