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Episode 40 – Zhoth Tonals

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Welcome to The Incarnate Process Episode 40 – Zhoth Tonals

Project: Ascended Kings

Character Tonals: Khadrius Zhoth

We visit King Zhoth again, a continuation from Episode 1!

Discussion below:

Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont

Here we are. As always, let me know what you think!



Jason Allen
Jason Allen

Ok. Sorry, I meant to message you some final things about Khadrius sooner, but they aren’t too major so I know we will be fine. (As usual this is a long post so… here goes)

I am certain we will be doing a mixture between #1 and #2. But before I get to that, the few things I was wanting to add. So everything that you have in the current description is still correct except for these few additions/changes:

— Instead of a black feather cape, I would like to change this to a thick black pelt from a dire wolf. So no feathers.
— I mentioned that in addition to the scarring there was the possibility of having him appear with a varicose veins condition. I have decided that I’d like to include this; having it noticeably going up the entire left side of his face (not the bulging varicose type but the spidery veins type).

With all that said I’ll go through the tonals and pick things out like we have done in the past:

1. Khadrius is the oldest in appearances of all the kings, <removed> is a good look; Khadrius is also extremely pale.
2. #1 has basically everything I would like to see as far as this character goes. I love the straps, the cape, the staff, the clothes, all of it. I like the stance of this as well, perhaps the only adjustment would be to figure out where we will place his left hand.
3. While I love the idea of a bone crown, I think that I like the idea of him having the hood even more. I think the hood is more characteristic of this king. So perhaps we can show his status by integrating this idea of a bone necklace similar to these links:

First off, we don’t necessarily have to use whale teeth, but I’m really digging the idea of how the necklace teeth/bones flange upward away from the body as in the image. And second, perhaps this can be used as our symbol of stature for the Zhoth culture, as it is still remaining very primitive. Let me know what you think about this approach.
4. I really enjoy the imagery of the links of bone on the threads hanging from the staff on #2, I would like to carry this depiction across to the overall design style of staff #1.
5. I like the skull of the raven on the necklace on #3. I would like for us to keep this component in the design however you see best (the bird skull).
6. I liked the way you made the scar on #3, but we will have to adjust the direction that the scar goes. Essentially it starts at the corner of his left eye, moves to his left across his face and above his left ear all the way across the side of his head. Sorry that I was not more specific on this. It is acceptable if this scar even has caused some damage to the left eye, but I will let you determine how to best represent this (so long as he still has his left eye, lol)
NOTE: I understand that if he will be wearing the hood that it may be difficult to see the scar, and if this is the case, that is ok. The scar is not as important as the Varicose Veins going up the side of his face. The veins take priority of being noticeable as it is this major feature that will be <spoiler removed>.
7. <removed>
8. I like the suggestion of full wrap sandals that you have on these tonals, this I’m sure would translate well with the rest of the design.

Just remember this dude looks the oldest of all the kings, resembles <removed>, is pale, has the varicose vein thing and the scar.

As far as everything else goes its honestly you just doing your thing. There’s no doubt in my mind it will be freaking awesome just like everything else you make!

Oh! The tonals look great by the way! Lol, I don’t remember complimenting you on that.



Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont

Hey! Thanks Jason!

10-4 on everything you mentioned. I think it’s all doable. I know the <removed>. Perhaps he can have a <removed> for that. That’ll be easy to implement.

But he’s still aligned with Dire, yes? So can well still show the black dire stones somewhere on his costume? I was thinking about that clasp on #1 with the straps on his chest. Thoughts?

Cheers! Hope everyone is staying warm today.

Posted on Nov 10, 2014

Jason Allen
Jason Allen
Yes, he is still aligned with Dire. He will be known as the <removed> and black dire stones are welcome wherever you see best. Placing dire stones within the clasp/straps/etc sounds good to me!


Stay tuned for EPISODE # 041: Zhoth Rough 1 which will be posted soon!

Thank you for stopping by!

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