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Episode 35 – Vara Rough 2


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Welcome to The Incarnate Process Episode 35 – Vara Rough 2

Project: Ascended Kings

Character Illustration: Kariis Vara

Discussion below:

Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont

Hey Team. Just posting up the value progress on Kariis. Next update will be color on the 21st (and sentinel sillos on the 12th)



Jason Allen
Jason Allen


Everything is perfect. What do you think about adding the Aria stone to the center of the crown? The only other thing is the vapor coming out of his eyes but that is probably just something that you will put into the final render.

I love what you did with the feathers, classic! Both the feather lining in combination with the actual feathers LOOK SO GREAT TOGETHER! And even on the arm wraps! So cool man!

Really liking the direction you are going with all of it. Nice touch with the bead/tie sort of things that you used on his beard, awesome.

Nothing stands out, it all looks great dude. Phenomenal work as always Dylan!


Lol, I didn’t even mention the lighting. Ha ha, it goes with out saying. You know what your doing. The way it brings out the muscle definition is super. Looks good!


Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont


Yes, both the aria stone on the headband and smoky eyes will be included for the final. Same with the stones placed throughout the rest of his design. Fear not! Love that gif btw, haha.

I’ll make a note to keep the book cover design more runic than filigree. At the moment it’s nothing more than a scribble to indicate placement, but it’s good to know these things ahead of time. As for the sword held in reverse: I think we can still get the lionhead to read from this angle. It won’t be AS clear as if it were in profile like the Eagle’s hilt is currently. But between the muzzle, eyes, and mane I think. Just as a suggestion though, if were were to change it, where would you see it positioned best? Sheathed like the other is perhaps? The rings I imagined could be either silver of gold, but a steely light blue could also work. Let me know what you’re guys’ thoughts are. Also, the tattoos. Those can be applied near the end if you decide to use them at all. So just keep me in the loop as we progress on what your decisions are.

I was thinking the same thing about 3D actually. It’d be something to see this guy as a fully realized 15-20 inch desktop model. Would be a real treat to see him full realized in the round.

Thanks so much guys! Let me know what you both decide!


Jason Allen
Jason Allen

This all sounds good man. I look forward to seeing all those final elements.

The runic design pattern idea sounds like a solid choice to me. I feel that it is still important to have him holding the sword in the current pose. I’m on board with keeping the lionhead at the angle as it is already depicted; it doesn’t need to read as clearly as the eagle, I think it will still look great. Ultimately this won’t be an issue because the construction of the 3D model will allow viewing of the figure at different angles. I prefer that the position stay the way you have it now. Also, seeing the way that you have the lion and eagle handles right now I bet those would look really good if they were made out of an ivory type material.
I think that if the rings were silver that would look really good, but I like the thought of having the light blue effect added. I am good with either direction in that regard; I think that leaving that choice to you would be best.
As far as tattoos, I think that if you were to incorporate foot tattoos that would be really cool, it would add something more to that aspect of the image other than just dangling feet (not to dilute the fact that he is levitating, which is cool of course, I’m saying it could just strengthen it even more). Again, this is something I would let you decide, I’d like to hear your thoughts.


Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont

I agree with everything you mentioned.

LOVE the foot tattoo idea. The meaning behind that, not touching the ground, etc is great. We might have to raise the leg wraps a bit so we can see more of the tattoo design, unless you want it isolated to the foot area only?



Stay tuned for EPISODE # 036: Vara Color 1 which will be posted soon!

Thank you for stopping by!

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