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Episode 34 – Revenant Icon Finals


Welcome to The Incarnate Process Episode 34 – Revenant Icon Finals

Project: Ascended Kings

Graphic Design: Revenant Icon

Discussion below:

Anthony Benedetto

Alright… Revenant Icon!

Let me know!


Jason Allen
Jason Allen

Nice! I like how the bottom part of the flames all smooth together into a single point on each side, the flames look great bro.

I think that the coloring of the crown accomplishes the grunge and dilapidation that we were talking about! Very nice. I am happy with how messed up it is! Lol. It looks really good is what I mean of course, haha.

Can we see what it looks like if you reverse the order of the colors in the fire going the other direction? So that we start dark on the inner flames and then get to the brightest color on the outside? I’d like to compare the two and get peoples thoughts.

Also, I think we should remove the bright blue circles in the middle of the gem sockets like we were talking about, so that they appear empty.

Awesome job! Very cool man, I like how it has turned out.

Posted 2014

Anthony Benedetto

Alright, stay tuned for those changes.


Anthony Benedetto
Here they are. I prefer ALT 2.
That, or the original flame with the crown from ALT 1. Yeah that is my choice!
Posted 014

Jason Allen
Jason Allen


I’m on board with Alt 2 as well. I think that the color order of the original flame is better now that I see it together with the reversed one.

Seeing the the single bright blue outlines for the empty sockets on Alt 2 really helps point them out much better, I also think that it helps balance the fact that the hollow circle area beneath them is outlined in the darker blue. It gives the sockets a more “forward” appearance.

I see what your saying about having the original flame with Alt 1, but when I compare ALT 1 crown to the ALT 2 crown I think the darker color outline for the sockets on ALT 1 may be causing it to look a little more “flat” than that of the brighter outlines in ALT 2.

I would say Alt 2 is my choice. Let me know your thoughts.


Anthony Benedetto
Great, I’ll package everything up tomorrow including the Glyphs, and send it over.
Posted 014


Stay tuned for EPISODE # 035: Vara Rough 2 which will be posted soon!

Thank you for stopping by!

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