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Episode 32 – Vara Rough 1


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Welcome to The Incarnate Process Episode 32 – Vara Rough 1

Project: Ascended Kings

Character Illustration: Kariis Vara

Discussion below:

Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont

Alright guys. Wrapped up the sketch phase for Vara. I might play around with some of the placement of the belt rings for the final, but I want to be sure I have all the costumed elements elements correct first.

I think the only thing  we’re missing are the Aria rectangle stones on the book strap. Had to run the strap under his neck/chest-ring piece so that it didn’t cover the whole ring. So I think we’ll show the stones around the ring closest to the spine of the book. Either that or socketing a round cut stone into the ring on the book strap.

I also made one of the pommels for the sword a lion, and the other an eagle, though I might reverse the positioning for both.

And finally I stitched a single feather to the ends of the shoulder belts and added a layer of feathers peaking out under the collar piece. I felt this might be a nice compromise of the two ideas.

As always, let me know what you think. Will put together a schedule for the month of October once we have this linework finalized.



Jason Allen
Jason Allen

This is incredible. Truly remarkable work. It will be fun to watch this piece develop into the final rendition!

Dude, I’m sold on the whole image. You have realized every aspect and delivered a fantastic character! Awesome!

I think the idea of him having 7 ring-belts couldn’t be more apropos. As Kariis Vara has mastered his focus more so than any other king, showing the number of perfection – 7 – in his makeup was a very clever addition. The meaning of the number 7 is powerful, including attributes such as intelligence, focus, wisdom and spirituality. Vara is all of these things.

As far as anything you mentioned about placement, that’s all in your court man. I think that if this “sketch” is any indication of the final image… jeez, I have no doubts that it will only get better. I love the pose; love it all.

Place Aria stones as you best see fit. You can add the rectangle gems if you think they are necessary, only apply what you think works best. I do like the idea of only adding the Aria stone to the ring that is attached to the book strap. I think keeping the 7 belt-rings open might serve the design best, let me know if this is what you are thinking as well.

Man this image is way too cool!

I see what your saying about perhaps switching the swords; it could give you the opportunity to show the face of the eagle much better on the sheathed side. I think seeing the beak of the eagle on that side would look right, then have him holding the lion sword.

I think the feathers stitched to the ends of the shoulder belts was a genius marriage of the two ideas; And having the feather lining under the collar? HAHA! Perfect!

The earrings are super cool, this guy is a pimp! The beard! The eyes! The crown! Stellar.

Awesome job Dylan!



Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont

Awesome! Good to hear. Definitely going to have fun on this one.

The I figured seven was a good number that wasn’t too busy or too sparse for the design. But I can see all the underlying meaning they might bring as well. We’ll roll with that then! I think I also prefer to keep the rings open, save for the one on the book strap. That will look really nice I think with an Aria stone.

I agree about the swords too. The eagle’s head will read better in profile anyway, so I think we’ll sheath that and have him holding the lion instead.

I’ll propose a schedule for the coming weeks tomorrow, but before I do I wanted to bring up something that we never really mentioned with Kynazarr. When we paint the lighting on these characters it’s a meticulous process. It’s not something that’s easily, or quickly changed. So when we pick a lighting scheme we have to be fairly certain that it’s not only going to look great on the character, but that it makes sense with the environment. You wouldn’t want to light the left side of the character’s face if in the environment the sun/light source is supposed to be directly behind the character. Those are two different lighting setups and when put together will look very incorrect. BUT! as you know, we don’t yet HAVE environments completed for each character. So we’re going to have to anticipate what setting each character is in so we can most accurately light them now.

That being said, (correct me if I’m wrong) I imagine Kariis will most likely be in the clouds for this playmat. Not a problem. But we should at least have an idea about what time of day this is. For all we know he could be up in the sky during a thunderstorm and a flash of lighting would be our light source. Or maybe it’s clear blue sky. Or perhapse a sunset. Each one of the following photos illustrates how differently lighting looks during different moments. So it would behoove us to begin discussing what kind of look we’d like to go for.

As for Kynazarr goes, you’ll notice his character is lit predominately on the right side, so we should do our best to come up with a background that will emphasize this. For each of these characters once they’re placed in the scene I’ll have to make small color and atmospheric adjustments anyway. It’s nearly impossible to work on the character and background separately and then slap them together and have everything look perfect. But as long as we have an idea about where the environments are headed for each playmat, we can better gauge how to paint and light the characters now.

Let me know if all that makes sense. Thanks, Jason!


Jason Allen
Jason Allen

Alright. We haven’t really talked much about the backgrounds just yet, but here is what I am thinking. If you look here in the player mats folder: <link removed>
you will notice that none of the characters are actually in the scene. They are being showcased independently of the background. However this does not need to be the case. The backgrounds will be showing each kings domain, or kingdom, in some fashion; but the backgrounds will be taking a secondary role as it will be behind all of the player mat elements.

For the most part I know that we will be showing the floating Kingdom of Vara, as the background for Kariis. It will be a clear day scene, approximately mid day. I will leave the lighting choices to you based on whether or not you think that having the environment’s lighting conditions affect the character directly.

I have attached the original background that I used for the mock ups that I thought best depicted the Kingdom of Vara. I used this image as the background for Kariis Vara’s playmat.


When I said “clear day” I meant clear in the sense that we can clearly see Kingdom Vara. I like that there are clouds behind the city, sorry I should have clarified that.


Also, the width of these playmats are subject to change. There have been some revisions to the game which will be eliminating the Scion/Sentinel Card slot and the far right grid.


Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont

Ok. That definitely helps. If the two elements are to be separate of one another then we have some room to work with. But if we can marry the two elements into a single illustration, I think that would look more cohesive. So I’ll be sure to keep that in mind as I move forward with Vara. Even knowing that his background will be a “clear day” as opposed to a storm or night-time gives me enough to work from. Thanks Jason!



Stay tuned for EPISODE # 033: Focus Glyph Finals which will be posted soon!

Thank you for stopping by!

Artwork © 2014 Dylan Pierpont.

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