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Episode 30 – Revenant Icon Concepts 2


Welcome to The Incarnate Process 30 – Revenant Icon Concepts 2

Project: Ascended Kings

Graphic Design: Revenant Icon

Discussion below:

Anthony Benedetto


Please see the added numbers 5 & 6.
I added more flames and altered its internal lines.
I still feel that the design needs to retain some uniformity to remain cohesive with it’s alternate icon. Also, keep in mind that with the finished, the outlines will add length to the wisps.

I think I may agree with Dylan on leaving the bottom open, but I will provide both finished options.

Let me know and I’ll get in on the finish.



Jason Allen
Jason Allen

Yes. The open bottom is the best design in my opinion as well.

These alternates are awesome. I have posted this final image to point out some final things.

1. The yellow arrows point out possibilities for more cracking. The rim looks too clean and if we were to introduce cracking both at one of the gem sockets as well as on the back rim it would help suggest that the crown is beat up all around.

2. The circles I placed are showing the area where I think you introduce the idea from part of the flame coming out from behind it. I feel that this new design may not need this aspect anymore since this new design is much better.

Let me know your thoughts on these two points. After we have these final things figured out we can move on to the final!

Posted 2014

Anthony Benedetto


Made the corrections. I felt the gash down from the gem socket was a little much, so I went with one gong up to compliment the large gash.

Let a ninja know.



Jason Allen
Jason Allen
Really close! Really liking the crack on the lower rim. I am sold on everything except for the crack going up on the gem socket. I’m cool with the crack going upward from the socket, like you said; but do you think we could make it more “cracky”? Maybe going up and to the left at different angles, but overall trending up and to the left?

Posted 014

Jason Allen
Jason Allen
Oh and the fix on the flame is perfect!
Posted 014


Stay tuned for EPISODE # 031: Focus Glyph Color 1 which will be posted soon!

Thank you for stopping by!

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