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Episode 28 – Focus Glyph Concepts 1



Welcome to The Incarnate Process 28 – Focus Glyph Concepts 1

Learn to pronounce Ylem 🙂


Project: Ascended Kings

Graphic Design: Focus Glyphs

Discussion below:

Jason Allen
Jason Allen

These are really cool. I am happy with these. I was shocked to see that these have taken on cohesive similarities while still being able to appear in the face of the Revenants convincingly. I could see each of these represented in the face of the Revenants, very cool.

For the Ylem, I like what you made as it shares a similar form to the others; I wonder though it that would actually work better as Pyre without the circle? Just throwing some ideas out there.

Were you still going to recreate the symbol of the Ylem as it appeared in the middle concept of Ylem staffs that Dylan made, as we were talking about?


Anthony Benedetto
Cool, I’ll play with using the current “YLEM” as “PYRE” minus the circle.
As far as “YLEM” I did one similar to Dylan’s Apsu staff and it wasn’t working, it’s just not balanced. Let me play with it a bit more.Thanks.

Posted 2014

Jason Allen
Jason Allen
Cool man. As far as the Ylem symbol goes, its ok if it does not conform to the other symbols. If it is a huge departure from the other symbols I believe that would be alright because Ylem is the “tree” whereas Aria, Dire, Egis and Pyre are the “fruit” of that tree.
Posted 2014


Stay tuned for EPISODE # 029: Focus Glyph Concepts 2 which will be posted soon!

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