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Episode 26 – Vara Tonals


Kariis Vara_Tonals

Welcome to The Incarnate Process 26 – Vara Tonals

Project: Ascended Kings

Character Tonals: Kariis Vara

Discussion below:

Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont

Here we go. Let me know if there’s anything sticking out at you. As always, keep in mind we can try to mix and match elements where needed.

I know the gemstones are key part of this whole game, so my thoughts are we could incorporate gems on any of the circular bits I’ve added (the rings on #1, the chest piece on #2, and the book strap/book cover on #3)



Jason Allen
Jason Allen

Once again, you have made it very difficult to decide! I was laughing when I was looking at these because they are so cool! These are killer! I would like to mention all the parts I like but I would just be describing every piece of the whole image, lol!

(This post is a bit lengthy, but I think I cover everything)

First off, the Kariis’ face is perfect. This identity is genius. Number 3 looks like “wiser” version of the first two because of the white eyebrows and a slightly older appearance, but I like the younger look as well. However, since he is 50 (in earth years), I think we will end up going with the white eyebrows, it really sends the wise and distinguished message home. The all white glowing eyes couldn’t be more awesome!

I like the chin portion of the beard of number 2 the best, and the jaw portion you have for number 3 the best, combining these (of course depending on pose) would be great. The length of beard 3 is perfect, I still like that he ties them into the hair bands like that. LOL too cool! Keeping the earrings and the finger rings are a must.

Having the book the way you made it is beyond what I imagined. So good. That is definitely going to be in the final image, its too awesome not to be.

I love all the levitating poses. I can see that his levitating position will be based on all the final elements we decide to combine so any of these are good, I think I like the idea of him holding the sword best. Just a note (although its not a big deal atm) the only king that will be left handed is Apsu, <edit: Eloden is also left handed> so Kariis would be holding his sword in the right hand. This would probably mean that the book will be off to his left side (our right).

As far as wardrobe man, gosh, that’s a tough decision. I’ve spent a good bit of time looking at it though and have some possible combos in mind. I think I would like if he remained barefoot. I really like anywhere that you have the loops. Perhaps a good combo (let me know what you think as well) would be: The bottom half of number 1 with the flowing straps and shin guards with bare feet; combined with: The torso of number two with the loops and showing skin with the arm wraps. For the shoulders, I had a good idea: How about keeping the main design of #2 torso, but at the shoulders, have it flare out a bit like you have in #1 and incorporate Griffin feathers (large-ish eagle feathers) which would fan downward along the edge and around the back (obviously we would not see all of them in this pose, but when we do the orthographics that could be a cool detail). If that’s adding too much to the design its cool, but I think it would be a good conversation piece regarding their culture. Finally, I really like the designs in the fabric you have on number 3, I think including that pattern on the waist and the skirt portions of the combo would look great.

Including Aria gemstones could be accomplished by socketing them into the loops like you mentioned. We could keep the torso loops open to help confirm the idea that they are in fact loops. Then on the book strap, at the shoulder, I see those bright rectangles, we could easily just hewn some Aria into that cut shape and have them lined into the fabric; just a thought.

Finally, the only one thing that is missing is the circlet crown. Kariis crown will be light and minimalistic, but have the Aria gemstone inlaid at the center. It would basically just be a metal headband crown. There’s a ton of examples online by searching “crown circlet” or something similar, but here are a couple designs I like: <image removed>


Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont

Sword in the right hand, book on the left, crown circlet, fabric pattern, white eyebrows, white eyes, leg wraps, and gemstones on the book/strap, you got it!

As for costume, this is entirely personal opinion. I’m happy moving forward with whatever we decide, and ultimately your word is final. But I think of the three, the bare chest is my least favorite. I like the dual rings and how they connect to the neck and shoulder piece, and I think that could still work on the torso of #1. But it just doesn’t grab me like the other two do. I’m curious what other might think though. Maybe I’m just not seeing it. And there’s something to be said for the bare chest because none of the other kings showcase this feature.

One of the things that makes a design memorable is how simple it is to describe to a friend. If we were to line up all the kings and show them to a group of people for a short while, then take away the image and have the group describe the characters from memory, they might say something like “I loved that one guy with the shield and red armor.” or “That one character with the bear fur draped over him was badass!” So when you put it in that context, they might describe Vara as “The black king in white robes who can fly was killer!”. That description alone separates him from the others. I think the bare chest would emphasize that point, but I wonder if it’s necessary. Just my 2 cents!

I do like the bare foot look though. If he’s spending most of his time in the air, his feet rarely have to make contact with the ground, so it’s probably fine that they aren’t protected. As for the feather collar bit, I can do a quick sketch today to figure it out and see what it looks like.

Personally I like the clean bold look of #3. The cuffs, the large fabric shapes, it all kinda works for me. But don’t let me steamroll your vision, haha. Like I said, I’d be happy doing any of these. I do like the collar and ring-belts on #1, and the collar/chest rings on #2. I guess If I had to choose I’d pick the Arms/cuffs of #3, the chest, waist-wrap, and wide collar of #1 integrated with the collar and chest rings of #2, and the lower fabrics of #3 with the ringed belts of #1. Again, just my 2 cents, haha.



Jason Allen
Jason Allen

Alright here goes.

I agree with your suggestions except for the arm/cuffs of #3 and the chest of #1. I like what you said about the importance of memorable design details. One of the things that stands out the most in these designs is seeing his dark skin through the rings of the chest piece of #2. Keeping that in the design would be impactful. You are right about how he would be the only king that partly shows some of his bare chest, plus I think it will make him appear lighter which is part of his character.

So I’ll give my description of him from the feet up, between all three of us I think that this description best unifies all of our suggestions.


1.       Bare feet.

2.       The shin wraps from #2

3.       The 2-tone groin/waist/strip of fabric from #2 (with the option of using fabric design from #3 in one of the tones)

4.       The waist wrap from #1

5.       The ring-belts from #1 (with option of socketing the loops with Aria gemstones)

6.       Integrated with the lower fabric of #2 with the option of using fabric design from #3 (the tails of #2 and #3 are very similar)

7.       Chest rings from #2 (I like how the strip of fabric that connects the rings appears to flow into the lower groin/waist fabric strip)

8.       The collars of #2 integrated with the flaring out of the shoulders in collar #1

9.       The bicep armbands (armlets) – these could be metal or fabric

10.   The wrap arm bracers from #2

11.   Various finger rings as well as one hand having some finger fabric wraps like that from original Sillo #1

12.   Griffin curved short sword in right hand held in reverse as in #2

13.   THE BOOK FROM #3 😀 over his right shoulder, hanging down to his left (with the option of hewn Aria rectangle stones into the fabric or similar)

14.   The front chin portion of the beard from #2

15.   The jaw portion of the beard in #3 (only if angle is applicable)

16.   The glowing white and smoldering eyes.

17.   The appearance of age in #3

18.   NO EYEBROWS (I think this may give the eyes more impact, especially since they will be emanating the vapor)

19.   The circlet crown with Aria inset, and earrings however you see best.


With all that said, two final things: I too like the straps that are hanging from his shoulders, however if you want to do the griffon feathers perhaps they wont be necessary. Or perhaps instead of straps they just ARE the feathers. I will leave these choices to your better judgment.

And finally, I like the idea of him having two of these swords. If we do that, then one of them will be sheathed behind him like you have in #3, so as to demonstrate to the viewer how he stores them. This too I think I will leave to you to decide. Kariis would be the only option we have for a dual wielding character.

Let me know what you think, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the final word; please let me know if you want to change any of these options.


Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont

Sounds like a plan!

I think the only part I might need clarification on are the ‘finger wraps’ you mentioned from the sillo stage. Anything on his fingers I intended to be rings of some kind. But it’s my understanding you’d like rings as well as finger tape similar to this, no? <there was an image of a man with finger wraps>

I’ll work with these attributes and get back to you with a sketch on Friday the 26th. Thanks!



Stay tuned for EPISODE # 027: Revenant Icon Concepts 1 which will be posted soon!

Thank you for stopping by!

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