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Episode 23 – Kynazarr Color 2


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Welcome to The Incarnate Process episode 23 – Kynazarr Color 2

Project: Ascended Kings


Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont

Here we are. Moving right along into the final stretch! Built up the details in the ab area, refined the filigree on the collar, detail the collar strap and buckle, tightened up the face a bit, dropped the top of the head, refined the crown, and added silver bands to the biceps.

From here on out I’ll be moving from the belt guard down to the feet, along with the shield and shield arm. Gonna have this one all wrapped up for Monday morning!

Let me know if anything is sticking out at you. I know we talked about chipping up the chest/pauldron armor a bit more. I’ll be sure to add that in for a final wear and tear pass. And I’m going to spend some time re-working the sword hilt and pommel. Not quite happy with their shape at the moment. We’ll be sure to get that corrected by the end. Same with the elbows. Not sure yet how I want to handle the armor there just yet.



Jason Allen
Jason Allen

This is great! I like all the new details. The silver bands at the arms are really cool. The size of the head is a lot better. The filigree is spot on. The details in the crown are magnificent.For the final wear and tear, use your best judgement. The only real request I have is for the one major gash. I’ll explain this the best that I can. So. left pauldron (shoulder piece) along the front rim of the upward spike; if there were a deep cut right there it would appear that somebody tried to cut his head off. You know, like if someone who was right handed were to bring a sword around horizontally towards his neck it would hit right in the spot that I’m talking about. Now just imagine if that sword were to have gotten stuck there for a moment, maybe it cut down 1/4 – 1/2 an inch. If you think that’s a good idea give that a shot and any other dings or scratches that you think would be appropriate.

I like the direction your going with the hilt and pommel designs that you already have, if you wanted to rework those like you said they would turn out great. I found this image thought it might serve as inspiration for just the pommel part. I like that there is a place in this sword here that a spherical gemstone has been socketed. Totally up to you though.
Heres the link: <unfortunately the link is no longer available>


Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont

Perfect. I’ll take care of all these for the final post on Sunday evening.

Thanks Jason!



Stay tuned for EPISODE # 024: Kynazarr Final 1 which will be posted soon!

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