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Episode 16 – Ascended Kings Logo Concepts 4


Welcome to The Incarnate Process episode 16 -Ascended Kings Logo Concepts 4.

Here were the artist and developer interactions:

Anthony Benedetto

Let me know Jay. I ‘m moving on to rendering the text/crown.



Jason Allen
Jason Allen


You knocked this out of the park bro.

Dude that gem at right is SO BADASS! Straight up Atlantis. Are you thinking that composition of the gem at the right will be able to be incorporated into the one at left? That would be nuts.

The crown is PERFECT. Exact match, I love it.


Anthony Benedetto

Woord! Yeah that’s how I’ll render the gem on the left if that works.


Jason Allen
Jason Allen

Sounds great man. Awesome work.



Stay tuned for EPISODE # 017:  Ascended Kings Logo Final 1 which will be posted soon!

Thank you for stopping by!

Artwork © 2014 Anthony Benedetto.

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