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Episode 12 – Kynazarr Rough part 2



Welcome to The Incarnate Process episode 12 – Kynazarr Rough part 2.

Jason requested that the arms for Kynazarr be bulked up to stand against the brawn of King Eloden. There were a few other minor additions and alterations as well.

Here were the artist and developer interactions:

Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont

Alright! Beefed up his shoulders, widened his stance and bit, added a sheath, and turned his right leg (our left) towards us a bit.

What say you??


Jason Allen
Jason Allen

Yeah dude this is it, he looks a lot better. Compared to the before image, this new Kynazarr is much beefier. This is awesome!

I also noticed you lowered his shield a little bit as well, this may be due to having widened his stance. I like being able to see the kneecap of the leg armor better now as well. Very cool man.

Also now that he has the scabbard we wont have to deal with any naysayers about where he sheaths his sword! Lol


Jason Allen
Jason Allen
Oh wow I just noticed you added a whole belt for the scabbard too! Lol I was like “Oh that leather strap is nice…. wait, what? Oh thats new!”

Dylan Pierpont

Dylan Pierpont

Perfect. Yep. I lowered the shield so it felt more natural and less stiff as though he was trying to hold it up unnecessarily. Which as you noticed does give a bit more room to show off the knee joint. Both that and the leg armor are going to be fun to work out. I intend to beef up the knee joint just a tad and embellish the grieves to match the rose/thorn motif we agreed upon.

And yes, the leather strap is what’s connected to the sheath! Haha



Episode #13-18 will be temporarily hidden until we announce the title of the game. Stay tuned for EPISODE # 019: Revenant Concepts 3 which will be posted soon!

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