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Episode 10: Revenant Concepts 2


Welcome to our 10th episode!

Things start getting serious as we see a new set of Revenant concepts created by Dylan Pierpont. If you are just joining us, or did not get to see the Revenant character descriptions, please click here to view Episode 5 – Revenant Concepts.

Following is our conversations for the Revenant Concepts 2:

Jason Allen
Jason Allen

This is copied from a previous email:

For the second set of Revenant I also like 1 and 3. To be honest I would love to see the combination of the two, with #1’s head and with #3’s halo and body/garments. I think I have to admit that the Revenant might be more frightening than I originally was expecting, but this is a good thing.  I think you have convinced me that they should not be as heavily armored as well, it makes more sense.

I think it would be interesting to see what the Revenant would look like with #1’s head design towering above the back halo thing, keeping the halo the same size as #3s. Obviously the face region would still be central to the halo circle, just the top of its head would be much higher. I like the vortex looking thing in the chest, I think that’s gonna stay, seeing as a Revenant represents the manifestation of a collection of “soul passengers.”

The hand weapon that #3 has is fantastic. If we could have the weapon from number 3 put on its left hand (it appears it replaces the hand), and in its right hand give him that bad ass spear weapon that #2 is holding from the first Revenant set. This will likely make him very scary. I am prepared to have you do another set of concepts that starts to combine elements from multiple Revenant (this being the first combination). I would like to hear your thoughts for the ideas your having for combinations of these as well.

New comments:

So, like I was saying before; for this next round, I would like to only request that one specific concept. The other two I would like to leave to your imagination. Attached you will find my “terrible attempt” at just stitching together the components I would like to see for my one request. Don’t laugh, ok well you can laugh, but I just thought it would be easier to demonstrate the combination visually. Obviously it will need to be reworked. I would like to see whatever variations that come to mind when you see this but overall I would like to see these major forms (the long head, the halo, the “soul passenger” vortex, the wicked spear in the right hand, and the evil demon cross weapon thing in his left). Imagine how mean this thing could be given the techniques available two him with both these weapons! (I imagine him running a dude through with the spear after having locked their sword between two blades of the cross, for example)

For the other two, any concepts you come up with utilizing combinations or even new concepts with partial combinations, its up to you.

Revenant stitch

Jason Allen
Jason Allen

Oh and of course, if this is too busy then please let me know. At first when I look at it its cool and all but I wonder if the head is a little too “over the top” (literally)

I think I’d like to hear your thoughts about this one before you conceive this particular one. I’m convinced that the spear with the cross-blade-for-an-arm combination is a winner though.


Dylan Pierpont

Dylan Pierpont

Lovely mock-up Jason. It’s not a terrible depiction at all. Convey the idea you were going for. I can do some touch up as needed, but it shouldn’t take long. Then I can move onto the other 2, new designs (which i think I’ll take a lighter tone with so we have a bit more variety)

It is a little over the top given the dual weapons. I think both are unique enough to stand on their own, so maybe we do 2 versions with the Revenant holding each weapon individually to see what we like best. But we still want to go with both blades, then so be it. I’m not entirely opposed.

As for the head, in the original sillo posted on July 29th, you’ll notice his entire figure was based on the idea of ‘length’. Everything from his head, to his torso, to the lines in his robes and the robes themselves were elongated to fit that motif. In your revised example however, he now has the sigil ring behind his face, which the head clearly breaks the frame of because of it’s height. In previous versions you’ll notice the heads were kept deliberately standard size so the sigil ring could frame the face entirely. Therefore I would agree that in the revised version, the head is starting to feel “over the top” whereas before it was part of his character aesthetic. Possible solutions would be to reduce the sigil’s size so it only encompasses the head and nothing more, attach it to the head as additional decoration, or remove it entirely.




Stay tuned for EPISODE # 011: Kynazarr Rough which will be posted soon!

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