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Episode 1 – Zhoth Concepts


Today we embark upon a journey. This journey begins by sharing with you the very first piece of artwork ever created for Incarnate Games’ debut title TBA. For now, we will be calling the project “KINGS”. As you follow with us, we will be posting a new episode every day, sharing with our followers the process of how the project KINGS shaped into existence.

This is the Incarnate Process.

In each episode, we will showcase a piece of artwork, graphic design, story element, or 3D model, in the order by which they were conceived. In addition to the piece, we will also show the conversations sparked by each asset between the various team members of Incarnate Games posted on our project management service, including: Game Designer and CEO of Incarnate Games – Jason Allen, Lead Illustrator – Dylan Pierpont, Graphic Designer – Anthony Benedetto, 3D Artist – Andrew Martin, Script and Story Author – Nick Macari, Ink and Color Artist – Ray Dillon and Pencil Artist – Renae De Liz. These will be posted under any descriptions of the piece listed as:

COMMENTS on Zhoth Concepts –

Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont
Initial round of sillos.

Jason Allen
Jason Allen
This is phenomenal work Dylan! To see the first images of the Dire king coming to life is remarkable. I cannot express how awesome it is that your concepts offer so many options to select from! These give me a lot of choices, freaking bad ass man. We will use this discussion thread to converse on these amazing concepts over the following weeks. I love them all! Keep up the good work man.

Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont
Glad you like them! That’s the beauty of the silhouette stage. You can get a variety of ideas on the page with pretty minimal effort.Also, if you guys have a logo for Incarnate Games, I can start putting that in the bottom right corner of the images so people can associate the artwork with the game more easily and we don’t have to duplicate my logo twice.

Jason Allen
Jason Allen

I think I am going to be changing the logo that I’ve been using. So until I have the new logo in the next week or two its okay to continue to put your logo on these, its fine with me. [logo had since been changed]

Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont

Sounds like a plan.
Posted 2014

Jason Allen
Jason Allen

I think he could have a crown made of bone, but not in the immolation chamber. He will likely be very similar looking to the concept at left.
In addition to posting comments, there may also be a document, excerpt, character description, etc that was shared with the artist from the imagination of Jason Allen, the lead creator of the game/story TBA. This will be posted as:


Physical Characteristics:

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 150

Race: Empyrnean

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Grey

Glasses or contact lenses? No

Skin color: Grey white

Shape of Face: Oblong

Distinguishing features: Huge scar going from the outer corner of his left eye across his head and halfway up his scalp, which creates a part on the side of his head. He does appear to have some age, but he doesn’t look senile. [this sentence was removed because it contained spoilers.] He doesn’t look particularly healthy though, and he looks tired all the time. He is underweight. He isn’t crippled but he does have a slight bend in his walk, he carries his staff as both a weapon and a walking stick. Also, there is something about his skin that seems to change as you go down from the scar (perhaps we can see his veins through the skin, like spider veins or varicose veins)

How does he dress? Black feathers, black woven leather, often wears his black raven feather cape, bones are threaded or tied into his clothing, crow beak necklaces, he does not incorporate skulls into his clothing, but his staff does have sharp bones protruding from the top of it, perhaps sharp ribs or similar. He incorporates the bloodstone shard into his leather woven leather.

Mannerisms: sage like, very philosophical, slow but thought out, precise movements

Habits: consumed by Dire

Health: underweight, looks tired all the time, not particularly healthy

Hobbies: alchemy, likes to interpret dreams

Favorite Sayings: “From the darkness beneath the earth – arises the sprout of transformation”

Speech patterns: Everything relates somehow to Dire, he constantly is referencing this. He speaks often in metaphors or parables. He doesn’t often tarry on one topic too long with others.

Disabilities: slight limp, carries a staff

Style: Welcoming but somewhat scary

Greatest flaw: conceit and guile

Best quality: tolerance


Stay tuned for EPISODE # 002: Vara Concepts which will be posted soon!

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