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“Dargo” Special Preview #4: The Pocket Guide to Empyrnea


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Welcome to a Special Preview episode of the Incarnate Process!

This preview features a glimpse of the Ascended Kings Lore Book entitled “The Pocket Guide to Empyrnea” written by Nick Macari and illustrated by Elizabeth Leggett.

In this post, we see Dargo, the fourth young hero (in a lineup of five total) that appear in the lore and story of Ascended Kings, the upcoming tabletop game and graphic novel by Incarnate Games.

Here is an excerpt of the Pocket Guide which accompanies this beautiful illustration:


Age: 17

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 165 pounds

Description: A ruggedly handsome young man with a muscular, athletic physique molded by the years living on his own in the wastelands. Extremely pale skin, jet black hair kept short on the sides and back, and prominently long on top.

The left side of his body is covered with zebra-like striped scales. The unusual scaling dissipates at the base of the neck.

Dargo is the half-breed offspring of a Vadeem father and human mother bound to the focus of dire. Abandoned in the wastelands of Zhoth at the age of six, Dargo survived to adolescence through his high intelligence, powerful bind to Dire and sheer determination of will.

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We hope you enjoyed this special preview, stay tuned for next week as we share another character from The Pocket Guide to Empyrnea!

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  2. High King Admin May 28, 2017 — Post Author

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