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SPECIAL EPISODE 2: Kalshiera Concepts 2

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Welcome to The Incarnate Process Special Episode 2 – Kalshiera Concepts 2

Project: Ascended Kings

Character Silhouettes: Kalshiera Kynazarr

Discussion below:

Nick Macaroni

Nick Macaroni

One of my concerns is that a prominent head dress will conflict with any kind of helmet and otherwise confine her head to some degree…
I don’t know if I specified she’s wearing a helmet or not in the novel so far and I don’t know what liberties R&R will take, but I’m thinking…<spoilers removed>

Jason Allen
Jason Allen

To clarify, this is only for the <spoiler removed>. The Golden Rose only wears the forehead tiara that is not shown here.

In this thread we are only demonstrating what Kalshiera <spoiler removed> necessary elements that we need to lock down now for <spoilery inference> appearance.

The Golden Rose will have no spikes rising up over her head. Actually, the forehead tiara would easily allow her to put a helmet on come to think of it. It should make more sense once we get into the concepts.


Dylan Pierpont
Dylan Pierpont

<spoiler removed> Wasn’t sure how much of the armor was <spoiler removed>. So I tried a few different variations of light to heavy here.

And I’m not married to any of these poses. I don’ think any of these really convey her character so right now this is just for design sake.

That being said if you have any ideas for posing let me know so we can address it in the tonal stage.


Jason Allen
Jason Allen

Yeah I spaced relating that I see her in a dress at this point lol. No problem. However this does give us some more options for her armor! ALL OF WHICH ARE BAD ASS OF COURSE.

YAY! You <spoiler removed> Sigh of relief.

When do we get to <spoiler removed> Nick? LOL!

Whoa, I just had an epiphany – I’ll keep you guys posted to what I’m thinking (its late)

But yeah we can do these tonals. Also the same idea with the “fangs” of the forehead part to the Golden Rose applies on this one, lets keep the fangs on the Golden Rose the same and symmetrical <spoiler removed> (to be roughly the middle of the forehead)



Stay tuned for SPECIAL EPISODE #3  which will be posted soon!

Thank you for stopping by!

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