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Episode 20 – Focus Glyph Mockups


The previous episode discussed the idea to use glyphs in the faces of the Revenants, to depict their focus alignment. Here is the first very rough examples of the Glyphs done by Jason Allen that were later passed to Anthony Benedetto who made the final (and much better) versions.

Below are is the comment for these glyphs:

Jason Allen
Jason Allen

Here are some Glyphs I made that I think would look good if they were represented as the glowing light in the face of the Revenants.

Two of these are obvious adaptations of symbols that you have already demonstrated in the Revenants.

Let me know if these could be used (two you already have) by forming them into your own style. I also will include the psd.



Stay tuned for EPISODE # 021: Kynazarr Rough 3 which will be posted soon!

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