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Our Mission

Incarnate Games makes games that start with rich, inspiring, compelling characters and events, put the players into protagonist roles, and provide several choices for each player while they achieve goals, celebrate victory, and above all, have fun with their friends. By focusing our attention on constructing a detailed universe, Incarnate Games’ can increase product lines and franchises, and expand goals with dramatic growth.

Our Vision

As we discover and explore emerging markets, new technologies, and their impact on the gaming industry, Incarnate Games’ vision is to blur the lines between ‘now’ and ‘tomorrow’. A core tenet of Incarnate Games is to become and remain a Force Multiplier in the convergence of physical with digital entertainment.

Our Culture

The culture at Incarnate Games strives to discover new methods that bring our vision into reality in the following seven ways:

Quality Games, requires Incarnate Games to consistently innovate, focus on the satisfaction of our customers, and remain true to our fan-base.

Excellence Always, charges Incarnate Games to constantly hold ourselves to the highest of standards and ethics.

People & Ideas Matter; everyone is permitted the opportunity of exploring their own ideas and offering critical feedback to all of our projects. Everyone has a voice.

Productivity, means we maintain a culture of Creatives, sharing the passion for making great games.

Transparency, is a company commitment to all who work with Incarnate; keeping them apprised of the projects in development and providing opportunities to contribute on any of them.

Effective Communication, obligates Incarnate Games to inform its team members about the company, while also ensuring and fostering an environment where ideas can be shared at all stages.

Trust, means we hire under the expectation that individuals are responsible, and the project timelines/postings keep everyone accountable.

Our Development Process

The goal of our Development Process at Incarnate Games is to develop approachable games that are simple enough for anyone to learn but with enough depth and variety for even the most experienced gamer to enjoy. The entire process begins with the same foundation as many other entertainment vehicles – the story. Story is King.

Incarnate Games is fortunate to have experienced, highly creative writers on the team. These gifted scribes, have fleshed out the entire expansive story, weaving the characters, environments, events and dialogue into an epic dramatic adventure. Our debut story TBA was constructed as a prologue to this vast saga, introducing several influential antagonists, layered sub-plots, and both philosophical and moral themes.

Our characters and worlds are then brought to ‘life’ by our stunning conceptual artists, illustrators, 3D artists and comic artists in the form of digital paintings, sketches, marketing illustrations, and graphic novels. The writers and artists work together to produce a fully realized character, one imbued with traits, behaviors, mannerisms, superstitions, beliefs, and of course, motives. Character concept art is further developed into imaginative realism through talented illustrators, and then even further into three-dimensional models for use as miniatures in the tabletop game. These realistic characters find themselves ultimately living out an adventure in the graphic novel counterpart, which is our choice platform to deliver our game’s lore and story. As necessary, these graphic and digital assets can assist with promotional campaigns, video shorts, time-lapse creator videos and story-webisodes intent on expounding the rich Incarnate Games universe.

Our History

Incarnate Games was conceived by Jason Allen, with the sole focus to construct quality games that balance engaging content, reasonable cost, and replay value. In 2014, Jason Allen began working on the company full-time, and only 2 months later the company acquired its first investor. Jason has teamed with professionals from a wide array of creative fields to bring the Incarnate Games Vision to life, including Dylan Pierpont, Anthony Benedetto, Andrew Martin, Jon Schindehette, Nick Macari, Ray Dillon and Renae De Liz. By building each area of development with professional talent and management, Incarnate Games foundation is second-to-none.

Structuring of Incarnate Games

Incarnate Games is run as a flat hierarchy; the structure of decision making therein falls on the shoulders of the collective body. A flat hierarchy is “an organization which has self-managing teams, organizing their own work without the need for a middle manager or supervisor above the team”. All company decisions are made as a collective. All development projects and individual progress on the project is internally public. Individual progress reporting adds to the company culture and dynamic, allowing inputs from any other contributor.

The duties of all team members and contractors are decided organically by their expertise and the needs of the company. The duties of the company executives are to ensure the vision of Incarnate Games, emphasizing and maintaining the dynamic framework of our culture. By maintaining and growing an effective culture, all aspects of our business will be stronger.

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